Hi, I do agree with your shopping method at Zara. But then, nothing for almost a year. Hello Syrine, Merci pour ce retour. Love the Zara jeans too but they never fit me: I bought three and still wear them to do chores. Some people find it really chaotic to go there but if you know where to look like your suggestions it makes it so easy!

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Alas, here in Sydney, Zara seems to only sell leftovers.

Good selection of shirts and blouses with interesting subtle detail http: Just as you said: I have to admit, I estt a couple of Zara woman items that I own for over 6 years now and the quality and shape is still amazing though.

I have had the best luck with accessories.

I always check the labels, but touch is SO important. They are bombarded by so many looks in a zaayra like Zara, that they get confused. It can be soooo easy to get lost in Zara. Why should one group wear it, but not another? The latest piece I bought there were their linen see-though t-shirts made in Portugal 3 years ago.


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Me and my friends would even drive to Andorra in Spain to stock up on Zara clothes as there is no tax over there. Sometimes I do need to get it though. Elles est pas belle la vie! Ton dessin est sublime Garance! Cyrille 29 Mai — 13h Ai-je des gouts pourris? And have a Zaragasme, omg.

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I personally apply similar rules shopping in most trendy stores. Then, browse around and leave like- wait, WHY did I want to go here so bad. This is fantastic — and soooo true!

Have it delivered to your nearest store and try on straight away. Zayraa we need clothes at a variety of price points, but we do need to get back to fewer, better, longer lasting and that shift to the best v we can afford is particularly applicable to work clothing. I shop at Zara just like I do in cheap vintage shops: That said, one pair of Zara jeans I never regretted buying was actually from Zara men! Also, two of my favorite bags are from Zara.


In the US you can return things for 30 days, this definitely encourages the buy first, question later.

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Je suis fan de Zara! Amusant cet article et tellement vrai!

Hello alice, Merci pour ton message et tes astuces. Santo Domingo that thin looks good on everyone? After I visit Zara I have a trend vomit and I start to hate all the trends….

Sometimes I go into the store with the biggest frowns in my face because the stuff es rather… cheap, even for Zara.

Have a lovely day! Lately it seems even harder to find something good in Zara.

Ils sont souvent en similicuir, les chaussures font donc mal aux pieds et ne les laissent pas respirer.